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Happiness is not a moment;
it’s an internal decision that drives you from inside.


My name is Agnieszka Gut. I represent a network of incredibly passionate people. I am making wrist-lets since I am a small girl and bracelets have special meaning for me. The best ideas are inspired by strangers who have different outlook, wisdom or attitude. These special people fill me with inspiration to create. Bracelet transfers compassion, love, freedom, care & belonging. I decided to make this incredible feeling of living with PASSION contagious. We want to inspire, keep you moving, make you search answers that will allow you to never give up on the way to find sense of life and your personal calling. Sometimes a simple symbol can remind you about your identity, vision, and about who you truly are. The symbol that will allow you to be yourself no matter what.


Happiness is not a moment; it is an internal decision that drives you from the inside. It is waking up every day with feeling of freedom and belonging. It is being honest with yourself. You feel it strongly when you do things you love, and when you know you are going in the right direction. This moment when you close your eyes, breath-in and you feel the sweet smell of air. When you open your eyes you are still there, this feeling never ends. You feel alive. Pure happiness coming out of you, hearing sound of laughter and exchanging positive energy. The wind cleans you from outside, your hair reacts like you can do anything – complete freedom. The fresh breeze of the sea… Sound of dolphins cheerfully exchanging their reflections underwater. They are smiling to you, saying you can reach out and catch these dreams that everyone tells you are unreachable. This moment you know you can do it, just make the first move. Every single step – on your way to reach deep happiness. Live your life fully, every moment is precious.